Would you like to know how robots will influence the sales & marketing in an upcoming period?

Eduard Shlepetskyy

Eduard Shlepetskyy

Robot Federation

We asked Eduard Shlepetskyy, a Robot Federation Co-Founder a few interesting questions about automation processes in sales & marketing. Get to know some new remarkable research that he presented to us briefly.

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Questions & Answers by Eduard Shlepetskyy

Automation is literally all around us and we can probably all see where sales use them. Where do the robots stand when we talk about marketing?

First of all, I would say, that in marketing robots can be used for things like comparison of pricing and monitoring of prices of the competition. It can be used for CRM updates in sales and marketing. It can really monitor different lists and update CRMs accordingly. It can help in the list building because quite often when it comes to marketing you need to form these co-ops first and then it is also possible to integrate example CRMs and ERPs. It can do different kinds of social media monitoring, searching for specific key words, searching for specific people and executing really non-standard searches for example on LinkedIn if you need to find a really specific person, like in one of the cases we did.

One of the use cases we did was finding expats from the UK who live in the US, so without automation it is quite difficult to find something like that on LinkedIn. It was focusing on very specific role, so it was like they were looking for head of marketing in the US which were originally from the UK. So, automation can really do this kind of things.


How long do you expect the robots to take over the human sales & marketing jobs completely?

First of all, I doubt that even when I am a grey-haired-man robots will actually take place, because robots are there to actually soften and simplify this boring and repetitive stuff but marketing is more about creativity and we know what was the super know-how 2 years ago is actually the old school nowadays. So, marketing is really rapidly evolving and I think that first of all, it will allow, in terms of the art of marketing and the art of execution and then robot will be always catching up, but I doubt that in the upcoming 20 years or so, marketing will be fully automated. Though, many of research activities and other, like the data manipulation and the copy paste activities will, for sure, be automated because the marketing guys should focus on creativity and building nice strategies.


What will your actual presentation will be about?

It will be about the chicken and egg problem. Shall we have the processes optimized first like and only when they run smoothly, should aim for automation, or can we automate the processes first? Will there still be some room for optimization if we do it this way? This also applies to marketing, because processes in marketing evolve really fast and they are rarely super standard and super optimized. Therefore, I will elaborate on how to lower the barrier of the starting point when it comes to process automation.


These are the insights to Mr. Shlepetskyy`s  presentation and let`s not forget that he will throw a great workshop in which he will share a clear message on his “How to do it” at different companies.  

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