9th Annual

The Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox

  • 24th - 24th September 2024
  • Düsseldorf, Germany

9th Annual

The Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox

  • 23rd - 24th October 2024
  • Düsseldorf, Germany

Find New Inspiration, Up-To-Date Information
and Lots of Professional Support

Spark Creativity
and Innovation

Renew your excitement about your work. Exchange ideas, find answers you are looking for & solutions that will work for you.

Improve your

Take a break from day-to-day operations and develop new ideas, discover tools & valuable content. It will help you to stay at the top of your game.

Minimum theory, maximum practice

Learn current strategies that work for others. Our experts will share their ideas, strategies & war stories with you.


Unlocking Revenue in the Chemical Sector

In this insightful exploration, we navigate the strategies, innovations, and market dynamics that hold the key to maximizing revenue streams within the chemical industry.

Tech-Driven Approaches for Chemical Market Success

This cutting-edge journey illuminates how technological innovations, from AI-driven analytics to smart manufacturing, are reshaping the sector. 

Navigating Waves of Innovation in Chemical Marketing

From digital transformations to sustainability initiatives, we’ll navigate the waves of innovation, uncovering how forward-thinking approaches can propel chemical businesses to new heights.

Effective marketing Communication

This journey involves crafting messages that resonate, transcending the complexities of chemical processes to connect with diverse stakeholders. Our exploration delves into the art of communicating value propositions, sustainability initiatives, and technological advancements.

You will have a chance to listen to panel discussions, interviews, case studies, presentations and be part of round table discussions.

Past Speakers

Steve Laborda

Expert, coach - Sales & Marketing, Value Selling, Commercial Excelence

Anke Bohmann

Marketing Director DACH

Christophe Cabarry

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Reno Koepp

Lead Strategic Consultant

Matthias Lipp

Director Electronics & Industrial EMEA

Pieter Kopmels

Head of Global Marketing

Jan Hendrik Mees

Director, CDMO Business Line

Jose Perez Munoz

Corporate Account Manager - Global

Dr. Goede Schueler

Head of Commercial Management - Personal Care EMEA

Juan Pablo Duque Villa

Head of Regional Marketing EMEA

Markus Hartung

Vice President - Head of Global Commercial Processes & Region EMEA Catalysts

Peter von Natzmer

Marketing Expert

Martin Schulting

Global Vice President Sales & Marketing Huber Advanced Materials / Managing Director / Board Member

Mark Wehner

New Business Development Manager

Christina Papadam

Global Marketing Lead for Global Key Accounts & Customer Experience Lead Europe

Bojan Buinac


Anastasia Kravtsova

Product & Specialities Manager

Jerzy Zientkowski

Speaker, Coach, CEO, Board Advisor


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Become a proud partner of the upcoming Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox and seize a unique opportunity to connect with prominent figures in this sector. Our conference provides an invaluable platform for sharing the latest trends, proven practices, and innovations for sales and marketing representatives in the chemicals industry. Secure your spot among the leaders and engage in constructive discussions. Our flexible and personalized approach to partnership ensures that your participation fully reflects your needs and goals.

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Düsseldorf, Germany

Why Düsseldorf?

Düsseldorf is a key player in the chemical industry, hosting major companies, research institutions, and trade associations. The city’s strong industrial backbone makes it an ideal location for a conference focused on the chemical sector.

Situated in the heart of Europe, Düsseldorf provides a central and accessible location for participants. Its proximity to other major European cities facilitates attendance by industry professionals and experts.

Düsseldorf offers a favorable business environment, making it conducive to networking and collaboration. The city’s welcoming atmosphere encourages fruitful discussions and partnerships within the chemical sector.


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